Two weeks ago, my mother in law fell on her back, she is 85 and still lives alone. It was a bad fall, she broke her back but can't be operated anymore accordingly and now she is wearing a brace to support it.
I went with my husband the second day she was hospitalized & asked her if she have any body pains due to what happened. And of course she does, after what happened to her... Anyway, she answered me indirectly saying "I think all of us have pains one way or another".

Hence creating this page about the health benefits of ALOE HEAT LOTION.

Since I found this I've been using Aloe Heat Lotion in areas where I particularly have pain like the back, shoulders, neck, hands, feet, abdomen. I have a friend who uses it to massage clients at the SPA. I have been promoting it because it really helps lessen body pain and not only that but it has a lot of uses for healing and soothing purposes.

Below are just some of the health benefits of using ALOE HEAT LOTION and making it a part of your everyday life. 

1. A marvelous product containing natural warming ingredients which when applied to the skin makes the muscles very warm.
It also contains eucalyptus which helps with chest tightness, applying it on the chest area to clear
out breathing passages. Very helpful especially for children when they can't sleep due to colds

2. It is very helpful when doing any form of exercise or sports. I tried it once when I did  kickboxing routine and what I noticed was I didn't have body pain after the exercise and from then apply it whenever I go walking, cycling or just before work.

3. When used after a foot massage, it doesn't only soothes the tired feet but also smooth out the cracks  on your heels, I guarantee it really works. Try it for a couple of days (3 - 5 days ) and you will see results...  

4. It is very beneficial to animals as well, dogs, cats and horses to relieve them of pain and stress and to keep insects and flees away. 

5. It relieves gas pain and bloating. I had a friend who after eating a lot in a party we attended both suddenly had an abdominal pain. She asked me if I have anything for that. I always have a few samples in my bag in cases where it is needed. It is actually intended for my feet since I was wearing high heels and I knew that my feet will be tired from dancing. I gave one sample to her and in seconds, the gas came out of her body several times and in no time her abdominal pain was gone. 
Its very effective pain remedy for all kind of body pains.  
I encourage you all to try ALOE HEAT LOTION for pain and other useful benefits as well.


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